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Carrie Ann Labuda's Profile and Contact Information

Carrie Ann Labuda
Click here to contact Carrie Ann Labuda CEO/President
Garrett Insurance Agency Inc.
Direct Number (815) 886-4488
Fax Number (815) 886-3105
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Hello there. Below you will find out a little about myself and my family.
My name is Carrie Ann and I am the CEO and President of Garrett Insurance Agency Inc.
I am married to my amazing husband Brian. I have also been blessed with 2 boy's, Adam & Luk.
We currently live in Plainfield, IL. But I have been a lifelong resident of Joliet, IL. 
I have worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years.

How I Began My Insurance Career.

It was in April 1993 when I was told of an administrative position at Allstate Insurance Company.
I applied for the position and was hired immediately, My position entailed working for 2 agents 
that shared the same office space. My position duties were basic filing, answering the phones 
and such. I remember starting at $5.25 an hour which back then was ok pay for what I was doing. 
I also distinctly remember saying to myself "I am not doing this for the rest of life" as it was very 
boring you might say.  During my employment with Allstate Insurance, the company itself made 
it a requirement that all support staff must be licensed. That did not bode well with me since I had 
my mind made up that this was not me dream or lifelong career. Well guess what, God had another 
plan for me and it was nothing like mine. Fighting all the way, I ultimately got my insurance license 
and began quoting and writing insurance policies. That was the game changer for me and my family. 
After 16 plus years with Allstate Insurance it was time for a change. I took a year sabbatical and did
some self reflection and put together a game plan. 
Fast Forward To My Introduction With Garrett Insurance Agency:
I had met my friend, Tully Garrett around July or August of 1996 when he came to Allstate Insurance
for a quote on his homeowners insurance policy. During the course of his quote I was also answering
the phones and multitasking. And that is where it all began... Upon Tully getting ready to leave with his
policy in hand the same day, he proceeded to hand me a business card and said "If you ever need a job
call me". Timing is everything. After many attempts of trying to put together a working relationship the
timing just wasn't right. Again, God saying I wasn't ready for this change that I so badly wanted. It wasn't
until November 2009 when I finally said "Enough is enough". I called Tully and said "When am I starting"?
I started 9 days later. 

The Beginning Of A New Century:

After more than 10 years of working side by side as his employee, then partner, Tully has decided to
take a new endeavour and step out of the insurance industry permanently. As of January 1st, 2020
I will be sole owner, CEO and President of "Garrett Insurance Agency Inc" Insuring It All Since 1962.

My Cores And Values: 
I take pride in what I do. I no longer feel that my job is a daunting task. On the contrary, I love my job
and my clients. For me being an insurance agent is rewarding in the sense when my clients (past,present,future)
purchase a product that I have to offer, I have ultimately earned my clients trust. Trust and follow through
is everything in this industry. Therefore, I operate ethically and in such a manner to never give my clients
a chance to doubt my services. I comply by the State of Illinois guidelines and codes and will always do 
what is best for my clients. I am not in the industry to get rich, but instead to build lasting working relationship
with my clients and if I am fortunate to gain a friend or two, well that is just a bonus.

So, if you happen to be in the area, please stop by and say hello. Let's see what Garrett Insurance Agency Inc.
can do for you and how I can meet and exceed your insurance expectations.
Peace & Blessings,
Carrie Ann Labuda